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Redwood Credit Union is your complete resource for used and new vehicles. With so many ways to shop, we'll find the vehicle purchasing solution that's right for you.

RCU Auto Services (RCUAS)

  • RCUAS is RCU's wholly-owned subsidiary, offering a complete Auto Center and vehicle purchasing services
  • Our Santa Rosa Auto Center allows you to shop our previously-owned vehicles with no haggle pricing clearly posted on every vehicle
  • One-stop shopping at our Auto Center allows you to shop, buy, finance & insure your vehicle all in one place
  • Our auto purchasing service means we'll do the shopping, locating and delivery for & to you!
  • We'll find the vehicle, options and color you want
  • Work with one RCUAS Advisor from initial contact through delivery of your vehicle

Visit RCU Auto Services or call us at (707) 576-5080

Dealership Partners

  • Dealers are part of our Preferred Dealer Program, which is monitored by RCU staff
  • Test drive various vehicles to assist in making an educated choice
  • Certification of vehicles is available in some situations
  • Negotiate your final sales price directly with the dealership

Search for an Auto

  • RCU Auto Services helps connect you to local dealerships’ fleet departments and private sellers
  • Easily search local inventory in one place to find the right vehicle at the right price for you
  • Start negotiating online, or submit a request for more information

Private Party

  • Seller can provide maintenance records, if they’ve been saved
  • Vehicles do not require a safety inspection before sale
  • The sales price can be lower due to the risk the buyer assumes

Want to learn more about the benefits of these options?


RCU Auto Services


Search for Auto

 Private Party RCU Lot Sale 

No haggle sales price

Ability to negotiate

Ability to negotiate

Ability to negotiate and typically lower than dealership

Ability to negotiate

Variety of makes and models

Typically dedicated to a single brand

Shop for vehicles at participating dealerships in your area


Must coordinate test drive with vehicle seller Test drive multiple brands of new vehicles at one place 
 Assistance Dedicated advisor helps you through selection and financing Sales people are dedicated to a single brand and very knowledgeable Research, compare and shop online from the comfort of home


 Variety of advisors and sales people to answer questions 
 Financing On-site RCU financing available On-site RCU financing and other financing options available On-site RCU financing and other financing options available RCU financing available On-site RCU financing available 


Find out what vehicles are worth and empower yourself during the negotiating process.


Research your vehicle’s history to make a more informed decision.


Access safety recall information for vehicles and equipment dating back to 1966.


Read the latest information about vehicle dependability from experts in the field.

Fuel Economy

Discover how vehicles rate by miles per gallon.

RCU Auto Services is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Redwood Credit Union.

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